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“I was recommended to Jeanne as I started to evaluate a major life change: quitting my secure career to pursue a sabbatical and new passions, all while being a single mom. I felt in my heart I was being led down a certain path, but there were SO MANY fears and unknowns and what ifs.

Working with Jeanne transformed all of that. Trusting in her guidance and teachings, I was able to successfully navigate negotiating a 3-month sabbatical with new executive leadership and thoroughly enjoy a productive and wonderful work break to focus on my son and passions all while thoughtfully planning the next phase, which ended up being a title and compensation promotion at my previous employer while maintaining my work/life balance. Essentially, it felt like I had my cake and got to eat it too.

Each week I came across new overwhelming dread or doubt and after each call with Jeanne I amazingly felt more clear and sure of my next steps. She helped me stay pinpointed on what it was I truly desired, gave me tangible practices to manage my fear and stress during my week, and ultimately grounded me and guided me through the changes.

I truly felt successful and supported each step of the way mentally/emotionally/spiritually and with very real tangible life results. I wouldn’t trade those 3 months for the world and I owe so much to Jeanne for helping me to make it all possible.”

Lauren B.

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“I have been coaching with Jeanne for just over a year and the results have been amazing. She has helped me to get truly focused on my career goals and my business has grown so quickly. I am enjoying it more than ever.

Jeanne is results-oriented and keeps me on track to reach my highest potential. She listens and is supportive. She takes a personal interest in my growth and life desires. Together we have clarified what I really want out of a successful business and my life.

With Jeanne’s guidance, I have clarified many of my career goals. I look forward to working with her to not only have a successful business, but to reach my personal goals and life desires. She has guided me in long-lasting changes and given me practices that center me when my life or work feel overwhelming.

The visualization techniques I have learned from Jeanne work in any situation. I am now beginning to realize it is not just luck, but the power of intention. I was so surprised the first couple of times I threw out a huge goal, and with the assistance of Jeanne keeping me on track, I achieved them quickly and easily.

Jeanne is as excited about my successes as I am. I can’t wait until our next session to let her know that what we talked about, wrote down, and meditated on came to fruition. The empowerment I feel with her coaching and my work at keeping focused has helped with ADD and anxiety that I have had most of my life. I feel so much more in control and positive because Jeanne has given me the tools to center myself and change negative thought patterns.

I look forward to working with Jeanne in the future for work, life and health goals. She truly has a gift and I feel lucky she is willing to share it with me.”

Deni C.

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“Jeanne Provost helped me make some remarkable changes that continue to benefit me each day. I was spread thin. I was frantic. I was anxious. I was down in the dumps too. I was over committed in work and micro managing my family.

What Jeanne taught me was how to put everyone and everything into perspective and meet my own goals along the way. When I breathe deeply, I breathe away my dread and breathe in contentment. At this moment I have published my first children’s book, re-evaluated my business as a Para-medical Aesthetician and the biggest challenge~ allowing my children to make mistakes and learn from them. God Bless Jeanne, I wish you the same piece of mind you have given to me.”

Teri D.

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“Jeanne is an amazing coach! She has an incredible ability to guide you exactly where you need to go to reach places that you never knew were possible! I started coaching with Jeanne because I felt uninspired and stuck in my situations. I was in a pretty negative state of mind when we began our first session.

I honestly was so frustrated with so many things going on in my life that I could not really engage in an enthusiastic conversation or muster up much inspiration to soar to new heights with my new coach. Jeanne very quickly and expertly guided me through some very specific methods of giving me clarity on where I was and more importantly exactly where I wanted to be. By the end of our first session my state of mind was so focused and clear on what I had just chosen to create that I felt an excitement and clarity that I had not felt in a long time.

When she helped me change how I felt and shifted my focus the results came easily. Every session with Jeanne has been profound and life changing. Her skill set and intuition has helped me profoundly and taken me to a new level in every area of my life.”

Christy K.

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