Creating The Life You Desire

Event date : Aug. 1st, 2019

This Class is for you if you want more: Clarity, Confidence, Trust, Courage, Positivity, Happiness, Forward Movement, Momentum, Success & Connection. What you learn here can be applied to all aspects of your life: Personal Life Relationships Business Creativity Spirituality Health and Wellness You’ve come to the right place, in just 3 weeks you will…

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Creating The Life You Desire

Aug. 1st, 2019

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Remember when your parents said, “You’re responsible for your own actions!” Well, the same goes for “your own happiness” which is a good thing because you know that your happiness is within your control. When you tell yourself: *I can’t be happy until my kids are happy… *Until I accomplish this… *I’ve lost this much…

By Jeanne Provost on Jan. 16th, 2019

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