Let's Talk About How to Befriend Our Fears! 

Do you ever feel like you're not supposed to experience fear?
Or if you do - you feel "less than."
Feelings of "fear" can bring on anxiety, discomfort, shame, and tummy aches - fast!

Next time feelings of fear pop up, (unless it's an intruder) I'd like you to try to look at your fear differently; that you befriend your fear, and see how it feels.

You all have an innermost self, your soul self, that part of you that knows what's best for you. Perhaps fear is just your soul's way of letting you know your "thoughts and actions" are not incongruent with your highest good.

Could your feelings of fear be your souls' way of "knocking" on your door saying "Hey, that's not me talking, that's just your story you've made up in your mind?”

In other words, your feelings of fears are just your innermost self, acting like your best friend, and letting you know you're not lined up with your highest good.

Doesn't fear feel more manageable when you realize it’s just your souls friendship letting you know the fear your feeling is made up? Suddenly it's easier to tackle the challenge in front of you and keep moving forward in life.

So next time fear comes knocking, permit yourself to embrace its gift, and set aside any unhealthy thoughts that are holding you back from your beautiful life journey.

Have a great week!



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