How do I work with my clients?

Working as a Life Coach, I encourage my clients to learn how to “live in the moment” and connect to a bright future. I assist them to consciously and deliberately create a beautiful life full of abundance.  I am assisting them in consciously and deliberately creating a beautiful life full of abundance. When I use the word abundance it is not just monetary abundance, but abundance in all areas of your life. I work with career and transition planning including: intentions, goals, strengthening your self-confidence, integrating challenging changes more easily. I work with your health and body image. I help you discover new ways of thinking, doing and being in this world. I use guided meditation and visioning in our sessions to attract what you really want into your life. You will learn how to turn challenges into triumphs. Where you see walls, there will be doors. You’ll be able to recognize how every experience brings a gift.

What are typical reasons individuals are seeking a life coach?

Individuals choose to work with Life Coaches for a variety of reasons. For example, clients may know inside they want a life/work change, to make a professional or personal transition or strengthen professional and personal development. Many clients want to manifest abundance in their career and life. They may want to attract their ideal partner, work on body image, their health, etc. With the assistance of a Life Coach they are able to make decisions, achieve goals, engage in their passions and overcome obstacles to life/work success.

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Counseling is therapeutic, often working back in time to discover the source of your problems. Counseling helps you answer and resolve the question of “why.” Individuals often seek counseling when they are struggling emotionally with an issue. Coaching is not therapy, although it supports the therapeutic process. Clients utilize coaching to help create new outcomes in their life. Asking themselves questions such as “what do I want to accomplish” and “what will it take to get me there.” Coaching creates positive movement in your life. You use words like “I choose to”, “I want to” or “I’m responsible for” instead of using victim language like “I can’t”, “I have no control” or “It’s not my fault.”

What happens during a coaching session?

I ask clients to come to the session with an intention. I ask where you are vibrationally and emotionally on a scale of 1-10. You talk, I listen and ask many questions guiding you to clarify and focus. I take you through processes to help you clarify and move forward with what you want. Together, in a partnership, we explore ideas, brainstorm new and creative possibilities, engage in discussion of strategies and development of action plans that create this positive, forward movement in your life. The coaching conversation is solution focused. It’s all about guiding you in and through a co-creative process that is life giving. I help you discover your truth you already know within and become an self empowered being in this world. You will explore new possibilities, discover new ways to transform the quality of your life, create a clear and compelling vision for your dynamic future and be ready to encounter your unexplored potential.

What is the duration of the coaching relationship?

Individuals may choose to work with me for several months or several years. It all depends on your needs and expectations. Three months is the recommended minimum to be able to integrate desired changes, transformation in thoughts, habits and achievement of goals and create self and life balance, health and wellness.

How do I know if you are the right coach for me to work with?

It is important to think of a strong partnership that you currently have in your personal or professional life. Look at how you built that relationship and what is important for you about that partnership. You will want to build and integrate those same things into a coaching relationship. The role of a coach is to guide you to produce extraordinary results in your personal and professional life, business and organization.

Where is Will located? Do I work with local clients only?

My office is located in Portland, Oregon, though I work with individuals by telephone and email (as the majority of coaches do). I find that coaching by phone is extremely effective and allows me to coach individuals throughout the United States, Canada, UK and all over the world.

What type of individuals do you work with?

Coaching is for individuals who are ready to move forward and integrate life and professional transformation and change. Who want to “show up” and do the work. The focus is on “moving forward”. I work with individuals who are committed to their personal and professional growth and know that this growth is an ongoing and a process of celebration.

What are some of the goals clients come to you for help and guidance with?
  • How can I attract my ideal relationship?
  • How can I overcome guilt?
  • How can I forgive fully and learn to love unconditionally?
  • Can I build confidence in myself?
  • How can I overcome fear and worry?
  • How can I continue to grow personally and professionally?
  • How can I discover new passions in my life?
  • How can I live my life to the fullest?
  • How can I create joy and happiness in my life?
  • How can I manifest abundance in my life?
  • What can I do to create positive and effective change in my personal and professional life.
  • How can I open my creativity?
  • How can I care for myself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?
  • How do I create balance in my life?

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