Remember when your parents said, “You’re responsible for your own actions!” Well, the same goes for “your own happiness” which is a good thing because you know that your happiness is within your control.

When you tell yourself:

*I can’t be happy until my kids are happy…

*Until I accomplish this…

*I’ve lost this much weight…

Then you are linking your happiness with other people, situations, your job, or external factors. 

So what are some ways you can allow yourself to create your own happiness?  One thing that helps is getting your self into a positive mindset. To do this take some time writing down a few personal goals you’ve reached – the stuff you’ve done you’re really proud of and the places you’ve gone that made you feel happy.  

Now that you’re in a positive frame of mind, and you’re feeling amazing.  Think of a few things you know would make you happier in life right now, things that you find enjoyable, anything that recharges your energy. Perhaps it’s calling a few friends and making new plans to do something new and adventurous together.  Now, write these new commitments into your calendar. 

How are you feeling now?

Do you feel happier already? 

Now go out and greet your day with a big smile! 

Have a great week!

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Let’s Talk The Meaning of Christmas and Making It Last!

I love the way Christmastime brings family and friends together.  Even when there’s been a separation or falling out.  People seem to make an extra effort to mend a quarrel or seek out a forgotten friend.  They still write letters and send cards, which is almost lost with text messaging.

What would it be like if we all open our hearts to keeping the meaning of Christmas throughout the year, and let that energy of love grow to a whole new level in our life?

I propose we mend quarrels, call a forgotten friend or write a letter to someone we haven’t talked to in a while.   Make others smile, speak softer, forgive faster, say sorry easier and be gentle and kind. Laugh a little more, notice the beauty of nature all around us, express gratitude and think of other’s first.  Try harder to keep promises, listen better give hugs and say, “I love you.”

Remember that Christmas means “the spirit of love” and the more we embrace love and share our love…the happier we will be, and our world will be a better place.

Have a beautiful Christmastime!

Love and Joy to you and your families!

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Conquering Fears!

You know that feeling you get when things aren’t turning out how you wanted them too? You feel overwhelmed, like a failure, or not good enough, your body shuts down from stress overload, and you get exhausted or sick? Well, guess what, that happens to everyone at different times in life.

The trick is learning how to accept that things don’t always go as planned and to embrace the situation as a “good thing” so that your life follows in a good way.

When you look at obstacles as “guiding posts” instead of the end of the world, you see things differently. Most the time when hard things happen, it’s to help us slow down and re-evaluate our situation. When we do this, taking time to learn the lesson being provided, the situation calms down, and you are back on your feet…and moving in the real direction you’re meant to be going. The path that brings you and others around you the most joy.

So next time fears and doubts start creeping in…try to give “space” to the situation and really look at what needs to happen to move forward in your highest good. If you can look at your challenges as part of your path to positive movement forward – then they will become tools that can positively transform your life.

Have a beautiful week!

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Jeanne Provost

Find an Abundance of Love In Everyday Experiences With Life Coach & Hypnotherapist Jeanne Provost

Suzanne Wentley  Updated: 11/29/18 The Short Version: When daters or divorcées feel like they’ll never find “The One,” or that there isn’t enough good in the world, they often seek the advice of Life Coach and Hypnotherapist Jeanne Provost. She works remotely with many of her clients to help them transform their lives by redefining their attitudes. Jeanne also fosters an understanding of self-expectations and worldviews that allows people to accept a more abundant universe. Through her upcoming e-book, workshops, and soon-to-be-unveiled meditation program, Jeanne is proving that nothing is unattainable — especially love. By age 24, Jeanne Provost was married and soon to be raising two daughters. She worked in interior design and had immersed herself in the local art community. Later, she and her husband started a construction company, and Jeanne pursued a passion for photography. It could have been considered a perfect life, until years later when she was blindsided by her husband’s affair. “When I found out my husband was having an affair, we ended up getting divorced. It was so shocking and unbelievable,” she said. “It was like my family was a glass of marbles, and, in one fell swoop, the jar was poured out and the marbles scattered everywhere. It was a very difficult period in my life.”
Searching for a purpose, Jeanne stumbled upon a program that taught her how to become a life coach. As someone who naturally helped other people — even doling out advice as far back as grade school — she decided to enroll. Getting certified as a life coach turned out to be one of the best decisions of Jeanne’s life. “Doing the work I was taught on myself really transformed my life. I really felt like I was working through it all,” she said. “I was able to move on from this hard breakup to have a positive outlook on life. It changed everything for me, and now I love coaching.” Jeanne uses her training as a life coach — and hypnotherapist — in her practice, Living Well Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy. She helps clients tap into their subconsciousness mind and encourages them to meditate and connect with their inner selves. The results often help people discover true happiness in their personal and romantic relationships. “I want all my clients to create abundance in all areas of life. That includes relationships and relationship successes,” she said. “I’ve done all this inner work on myself, so I knew exactly what I wanted in a partner when I began looking for one. Not many people put a lot of emphasis on that. If you don’t know yourself deeply, then you don’t know what you want to attract, date-wise.”

Helping Clients Make Big Changes Remotely & Through Workshops

Jeanne often works remotely by scheduling weekly calls with clients, who can sign up for her four-week webinar package. “It’s all about getting out of your own way and allowing yourself to have what you’re meant to have in life,” she said. “It’s in every part of life, but also in relationships. If you can’t be in a relationship successfully, your whole life is impacted.” She also schedules hypnotherapy sessions, which is a two-part process that can also be done remotely. “For people who are stuck, hypnotherapy allows all things to happen so much faster because a lot of people just don’t connect with that part of themselves. The brain is 90% subconscious and 10% conscious,” she said, adding that meditation is also vital to mental well-being. “I have all my clients mediate and write every day because it connects them to their inner selves, grows their brains, and helps them connect to their subconscious, she said. “Your life is like a stairway, and you can move forward instead of falling back. When bad things happen, you can handle things more easily.”

Dating Has Changed, But You Should Still Expect the Best

When it comes to finding love, many singles can feel like they’re falling backward. Anyone who’s been on the dating scene recently knows that confusion, manipulation, and dishonesty go with the territory. “Before they started dating, many of my clients never thought about the type of person they were inside or allowed themselves to think about the type of person they wanted to be with,” Jeanne said. “They had traits in mind, but a lot of them were superficial and left out things that make relationships last — like integrity, honesty, and openness. I’m talking about a solid relationship, in which you can be best friends, have the best sex, and tell each other everything. Instead of huge fights, you can talk things through, so there’s never the craziness.”
“People need to be trusting and get out of their own ways. A lot of people don’t think to trust, but it’s a huge factor in having a really good life. You can want things, but if you don’t trust you can have them, they don’t happen.” — Life Coach and Hypnotherapist Jeanne Provost
Jeanne encourages her clients to dig deeper into their authentic selves so they can be more trusting in relationships. “People need to be trusting and get out of their own ways,” she said. “A lot of people don’t think to trust, but it’s a huge factor in having a really good life. You can want things, but if you don’t trust you can have them, they don’t happen.”

Webinars Planned to Teach People How to Visualize Their Desires

Some clients prefer group coaching or attending one of Jeanne’s webinars to one-on-one consultation. She’s branching out into more webinars, starting with bringing her most popular workshop online, “Creating The Life You Desire.” In the four-week webinar, participants are asked to write down specific traits they’re looking for in a mate — or goals they seek in their lives. Surprisingly, those goals are often met. In fact, Jeanne realized hers. “I wrote what I needed myself, as a female. I started stating my desire for this man, and, in one month, I met him,” she said. “There was every reason in the world that we shouldn’t have met, but it was really powerful. And we have had the nicest relationship for the last seven years. I believe in this so strongly.” Another webinar Jeanne is planning is called “Creating Money” to help people move past limiting beliefs regarding their finances. This 12-week webinar will include guided meditation and visualizations, she said.

Jeanne’s E-book Explains “The Secret,” and More are in the Works

While working with her clients, Jeanne realized that many had no idea what “The Law of Attraction” meant or any knowledge of other universal laws that could benefit their lives. That’s why she’s writing an e-book titled “Plugging In: Connecting to Your Universal Gifts” to illuminate “The Secret.” The e-book is nearly complete and uses her own life story to teach others about the power of abundance. “There are so many universal laws and gifts that are our rights, and within the worlds, we live in, and my clients aren’t using them,” she said. “I used a lot of these since I was young. I wrote the story and put in all of the different laws and explained how I have used them in life. It’s a simple read, and I want it to be a universal book for everyone.” Jeanne is also in the process of adding weekly “Red Envelope Meditations” to her website that people can use to help find their inner voices. The goal, Jeanne said, is to help people be happier and have healthy, loving relationships for life. “I believe in relationships. I believe that everyone can have a beautiful relationship if they want to,” she said. “I believe in forgiveness. A lot of people are meant to be together, even if their relationship goes haywire. I believe people can work things out.” Never bored, Suzanne Wentley is a freelance writer, marketing professional, yoga teacher, energy worker, pet sitter, full-time traveling minimalist, and vegetarian. Her favorite dates include a creative cocktail (preferably made of local fruit and without a plastic straw), laughter, and a beautiful sunset over the sea. Her website is thelovelightproject.com.

Learn how to forgive and the self-benefits you’ll receive.

Recently, I was introduced to a beautiful concept during one of Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditations, and the words have really stuck with me: “Forgiveness is for me,” it said.  “Forgiveness sets me free.”

We all experience emotional pain in our lives, both the pain of hurting another and the pain that gets triggers within us in response to the behavior of others.  If we do not take action to “mend” the hurt within ourselves, we can end up feeling “stuck– often for many years –in the pain of the anger or resentment we’re holding onto.  Not only does the stress of this repressed pain provide the perfect incubator for dis-ease to form in our bodies; it also holds us back from experiencing each moment with fresh eyes and living our lives to the fullest.

Most of us know how terrible it feels to harbor pain and resentment, and some of us have no doubt experienced how holding onto grudges robs us of joy and causes us to repeat unfulfilling patterns.  So, why, then, do so many of us continue telling the tales of those we feel have wronged us, long after the wounding incident?   In some cases, the experience of being a victim is so pronounced that we’ve actually made it part of our identity and we truly don’t know who we would be apart from this self-assigned role.  Others believe that forgiving someone (or ourselves) for a past hurt is the same as discounting that the painful event ever occurred or condoning the action of those who were involved.

What I’ve seen in the course of my practice as a life coach is that there is one misconception surrounding forgiveness that is more prevalent than all the rest, and this misconception is at the heart of why many of us squander years of our lives in a holding pattern of resentment, guilt, and pain: We believe that forgiving someone else is a kindness that we’re bestowing on them.  The reality is, although forgiveness may look like a gift that we are giving to someone else, it is really an act of self-love that we bestow upon ourselves. It is one of the most liberating steps we can take.  When we forgive others, we are finally able to take back our power, to release the past, and to move on with our lives.  Forgiveness frees us in body and mind from the heavy burdens of the past and allows us to appreciate the person we now are – as well as the person we have the potential to become.

So, how can we forgive more easily when others have hurt us?  And even more important, how can we forgive ourselves?

The first step is being aware of and acknowledging the pain that your actions have wittingly or unwittingly caused or the pain that you experienced in response to someone else’s actions.  Emotional pain often starts innocently, as the result of misunderstanding or a miscommunication.   If you start with the premise that the person involved most likely did not act out of an intentional desire to hurt you, but rather acted in an attempt to meet some need of his or her own, you’ll find that much of the sting of the hurt you experienced will ease right away.

Next, remember that your singular intention in forgiving another is to help yourself feel better, lighter, and more at peace within yourself.  It’s not your job to make sense of another’s behaviors; you are in charge only of your life, and of your thoughts and actions. Forgiveness is what you are after because forgiveness is what will set you free.

Taking the two steps above will prepare you mentally and emotionally to releasing old resentment, but the next step – if you approach it sincerely and with an open heart – will give you the most traction of all.

Justification is the primary “payoff” we get from dragging around out resentments and grievances from the past:  As long as we hold the person who hurt us responsible for our limitations and shortcomings, they continue to provide us with the perfect excuse for why our lives are not as fulfilling as we’d like them to be.

The moment we recognize the blessings that ultimately came out of the challenges we’ve lived through; when we discover the insights, skills, wisdom, and clarity of desire that’s been born within us as a result of the pain we experienced, our justifications and excuses begin to fall away. We see ourselves as powerful creators rather than as victims and come to know ourselves as someone who is much bigger than the heartaches we’ve endured, and as someone who has expanded and evolved – not only in spite of those heartaches but because of them.

To find the blessings of any painful relationship or event, find a time when you are feeling settled and calm, and gently begin to contemplate these questions:

*How has this experience caused me to grow, to expand, or to evolve?

*What do I now understand – about myself, about others and about life – as a result of having lived this experience?

*What insights or skills do I now possess that I would not have developed if it had not been for this experience?

*What desires have been born within me as a result of this event?

*What opportunities are open to me now that were not possible or probable prior to this occurrence?

Every experience – the blissful and the painful – presents us with opportunities to learn, grow, evolve and decide with greater clarity who we want to be and how we want to live our lives from this moment forward. The sooner we seek out and embrace these gifts, the sooner our resentments soften into gratitude.

The final and most important step in the process of freeing yourself from the stress and limitation of resentment is to release any resentment you may still be holding against yourself.  We’ve all made mistakes, and we’ve all brought pain upon ourselves by allowing ourselves to remain in denial rather than heeding the voice of our intuition.  And most of us have said or done things that have resulted in pain or heartache for someone we deeply care about.  It’s vital that we offer ourselves the same amnesty that we offer others, and to acknowledge that we really are doing the best that our resources permit us to do at any given time.

A really beautiful ritual for cultivating forgiveness and self-love is to simply call forth in your mind’s eye an image of yourself as a sweet, innocent child below the age of five, and imagine telling this child that you are sorry for all the times you made poor choices, discounted your better judgment, or ignored your intuition.  Acknowledge all the ways and times that you participated in behaviors that hurt yourself or someone you love, and for all the times you sold yourself out in an attempt to win the love, attention or approval of others. Allow yourself to be moved by the openness of this child; of the love that can so easily be shared and received. An open heart and an increased capacity to both give and receive love are just some of the gifts waiting for those who are courageous enough to let go of blame and self-judgment and step into forgiveness.

Life is simply too short to hold onto dark energy; forgiveness releases you from any past negativity and enables you to become a much healthier, happier person.

Jeanne Provost is the founder of Living Well Life Coaching based in Wilsonville, Oregon.  As a life coach and certified hypnotherapist, Jeanne helps clients with their journey of forgiveness and guides them in fulfilling their life’s passions and dreams.  To learn more about her work, visit her at www.livingwelllifecoaching.com.

Make 2017 the Year to Stop Letting Past Hurts and Anger Control Your Life

_68F3517Since none of us really knows what tomorrow will bring, this moment is truly the only moment that matters. Anger we are holding toward ourselves, and others or toward the circumstances we find ourselves in blocks our ability to enjoy – and often, even to perceive the blessings, beauty and opportunities that surround us in every moment of our lives. As we usher in a brand new year, I invite you to declare that it’s high time to stop letting past hurts and anger dictate your experience, and to learn once and for all to forgive ourselves and others. Forgiveness is an inner choice that each of us must make within ourselves, and when we make the commitment to doing this “inner work,” our lives change and we begin to prosper in remarkable ways.

This process of forgiveness begins by first recognizing the places within yourself where you are still holding on to past hurts, resentments or grievances. A lot of times we “harbor” old wounds and stories without even realizing it. One way to discover if you are doing this is to notice if you routinely feel yourself reacting to certain people or situations with a degree of anger you didn’t even know you had in you, or that is disproportionate to the situation at hand. By making a commitment to pay greater attention to your feelings and emotions in the moment they arise, you give yourself the benefit of having time to consider what your reaction is really about – before you act on it. This is the secret to healing past hurts at their source. Let me give you an example that came up just the other day in a coaching session.

My client came to our phone appointment saying that she had come down with a horrible respiratory infection. After talking about it for a few minutes, she made the observation that she has had this same type of infection at the same time of year for the past five years in a row. As she realized this, I asked her what had been going on in her life five years ago, when it all started.   She went on to explain that it was a time when she first realized that her ex-husband had been lying to her over and over again, for a period of many years, and this discovery was heartbreaking for her. She told me that she thought she had forgiven him, but the more she talked, the more apparent it became that she was still experiencing the pain of that event as if it was happening in the present moment. I explained that this is exactly what happens when we don’t take the time to heal the experiences that wound us; we continue to feel the pain of them in real-time. One thing that people don’t always realize is that healing comes in layers, and even though she has done forgiveness work around this, she hit a deeper layer. Hopefully this was her last layer.

I then went on to explain that the metaphysical causes of respiratory infections are correlated to having an irritation toward someone close, which can cause intense feelings of conflict and unresolved issues to surface. When I shared this with my client, she confirmed that it made complete sense to her, and could see how the emotional pain was at the root of her physical pain. We talked through the past situation one more time, and then I led her in a powerful meditative healing exercise that I call my 90/90 process.

I instructed her to close her eyes and to begin breathing deeply and more consciously, and then guided her into a meditative state. Once she felt calm and safe, we began to journey back in time, five years to when the incident first occurred. Almost immediately my client began to cry and cry. She said that she felt the pain primarily in her chest area, and described it as a black heavy mass. I had her sit with the pain for 90 seconds, and as she did, she felt the pain begin to lessen, taking on a lighter and lighter hue of grey. We then asked for Divine Love to enter her body, heart and mind, and to fill with light the places in her body the where the old wound was stored. As she sat in the presence of that Divine love for 90 seconds, the whole mass dissipated and a beautiful and peaceful feeling entered her body. As she came out of the healing meditation, she said, “Wow I felt different. I feel lighter. I feel like I can breathe deeply again and even my eyes feel clearer.”

I explained to her that even though we as human beings are made up of flesh, bone and what looks like solid matter, at the basis of all of this is energy. When painful things happen in our lives and we don’t fully deal with them, they can becomes “stuck” in our body-mind as a kind of dark energy inside of us. Often, this obstruction of the free flow of energy is what leads to “dis-ease” our bodies. Doing inner work like the process I guided her through is one way to release this stuck energy and clear and balances us in mind, body and spirit, allowing us to go forth and create the happiness and abundance we desire in all aspects of our lives.

Life is just too short to not pay attention to the deeper causes of whatever aches, pains or uneasiness you are feeling – whether those symptoms present as emotional or physical. As the momentum of 2017 is just getting rolling, decide for yourself that you deserve to reap the benefits of working with an experienced life coach who can facilitate the release any remnants of “stuck” energy inside of you. Tools like the 90/90 process can help you let go of negative attachments to the past, freeing you to move through life in a healthier, more self-expressed and abundant way.

Jeanne Provost is the founder of Living Well Life Coaching based in Portland, Oregon. As a life coach and certified hypnotherapist, she supports women and men in realizing their full potential and creating abundance in all areas of their lives. To learn more about her work, visit her at www.livingwelllifecoaching.com.

Forgiveness: Is it for you or the one you are forgiving?

I heard some beautiful words from one of Oprah & Deepak’s 21-day meditations this past year that have stuck with me “Forgiveness is for me, forgiveness sets me free.”

We all experience hurts in our lives, either we have hurt someone or someone has hurt us. If we do not take action to “mend” the hurt we end up feeling “stuck” in the pain it’s caused. We hold ourselves back from experiencing life to its fullest when ignore our hurts. By allowing our pride or ego to control us we hold onto unhealthy energy, and it hurts both our mind and our body. The high acid from stress your body receives when you “hold” on to grudges, hurts or anger is a perfect incubation for disease in our bodies.

How do we forgive more easily? How do we allow others to forgive us when we have hurt them?

The first step is being aware and acknowledging you hurt someone by your actions, or you’re hurt from someone else’s actions. Hurts mostly come from a misunderstanding or lack of proper communication. Then “pride” or “ego” steps in and gets in the way. When you hold onto feelings of anger or bitterness, the pain underneath grows. The stress makes you feel sick and holds you back in life. The only way to begin healing is to take the first step in acknowledging your pain. In most cases, both parties are injured just in different ways. When you accept what has happened, the painful “stuck” energy begins to lighten. Forgiveness transforms heavy energy; just think of what you could do with all this “new” transformed energy!

Our souls crave joy and love. Holding on to grudges only creates stress and anxiety and strips your body and mind of what it really wants. Having the “desire” to forgive or be forgiven is all you need to start. The word “desiring” is a verb, which is an action, and with a “desire” the action to repair starts to take place. If you have a desire to improve the situation, and you go within yourself and do the inner work to let go of the hurt, your energy shifts, and healing begins to take place. When you make the decision to forgive or to allow forgiveness you let go of resentment. Immediately your energy is lifted, and you feel better. Don’t worry about the other person; you are only in charge of your life, of your thoughts and actions. Your forgiveness is what sets you free.

Next time you feel “stuck” in hurt or resentment; try expressing it by writing a very honest letter or having a heart to heart talk with that person instead. Most times writing the letter leads to a conversation. Try opening your heart by looking into the future, and seeing your relationships healed. Life is too short! Begin to set yourself up to create new incredible memories. Forgiveness releases any past negative energy, and you become a healthier, happier person! The best part of forgiveness is it creates a chain reaction, and you can be pleased you are helping create a happier, healthier world!

Jeanne Provost
Living Well Life Coaching

“Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions. It’s how we react to our thoughts that creates a beautiful life.”

It took me years to discover that every situation I was facing in life came with a decision. I could choose to go through life the easy way or the hard way; with a positive attitude, or put up a fight. I realized with each choice I made there was a consequence, either positive or negative.

What’s funny is that when my children were young I would explain this to them all the time. Instead of telling my girls “no” about something, I would tell them they could choose what to do; but I would also explain the importance of making their choice. With each decision they made, there was either a good result or something that would be harder. Ninety-nine percent of the time, they made the choice that sounded as if it had a better result.

What I was not doing was following my own good guidance, and I was creating havoc in my own life. When I started becoming aware of this within myself, I was able to make a conscious shift in my own actions.  When I thought about what my consequences would be if I did or said something my whole life shifted.  Slowly my life became so much lighter and happier, even when difficulties were occurring.

When an upsetting situation occurred, the old me would be filled with anxiety and my mind would fill with awful thoughts. I would raise my voice and it caused everyone around me to have anxiety too.  Now when something happens that I start feeling anxiety about, I practice a little technique that takes only a second to do. I put my forefinger and thumb together and say to myself, “reject,” and quickly replace my negative thoughts with positive thoughts.  Next I visualize the situation with a positive outlook.

With this practice I have truly felt a shift in my life. There is a new peacefulness, and a new sense of happiness that was missing before.  Sometimes I feel I’m experiencing a little “heaven” on earth as I move through difficulties much faster and easier. Life always hand’s you challenges and it’s how you handle the challenges and what you learn from the experience that counts.  What you learn and grow from a situation is what helps you create a joyful and happy life.

This change did not happen overnight. It has taken a lot of awareness on my behalf, and this past year is really when I realized I truly was showing up and practicing this in my life. About p months ago I was taking a webinar class with an amazing author who handpicked 15 people to bring through the journey of writing a book proposal. I had just received the “pile” of homework for the following week, and as I signed off the webinar, my body filled with anxiety.

Unhealthy thoughts raced through my head: “I’ll never be able to do this”  “This is too much” “I’ll never write my book!”  “It’s too much work!” Boom, boom, boom the self-doubting thoughts came at me fast. My breath became shorter, and my eyes filled with tears, I felt as if I were having a panic attack.

Then I remembered my “REJECT” technique I use with my clients, and
I quickly pressed my forefinger to my thumb and saying, “REJECT.”  I immediately replaced my negative thoughts with positive ones. I told myself, “I am a published author!” I can get all this work done this week!” “I will delegate some of the work to a website designer.” “What I’m writing is important to share with the world!” Instantly my mood shifted and my breathing went back to normal. I wrote a quick email to the web designer I wanted to design my site, and made a list of what I had to get done. In a few minutes, I was back in the world with a smile on my face.

This “REJECT” technique is just one simple technique you can use to begin transforming your life. By practicing this technique you are making a conscious decision to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts.  By doing so YOU begin to create a happier, healthier life for yourself.  At first it’s not that easy; you may be saying “REJECT” over a hundred times a day, but that number will lower by the day until one day you realize you aren’t doing this very often and suddenly your life feels better.  As you become aware of your negative thoughts and you take deliberate action to change them, you become empowered and in more control of your life.  It’s all about paying attention to your thoughts, your words and the decisions you’re making.  Your thoughts and words become your actions, and your life imitates what you are thinking.  As humans we have the ability to “choose” a happier and more joyful life.  I invite you to choose HAPPINESS AND JOY in your life.

Jeanne Provost



Do you know how important your thoughts really are? Do you know that when you feed yourself negative thoughts or “chemically based” thoughts, you could be causing damage to your body? I recently read a study that claimed this and it made me think, can this possibly be true? Is this part of what causes sickness in our bodies? I asked myself if part of my healing could be in reprogramming my beliefs surrounding myself, and once I started consciously turning my negative thoughts into positive thoughts, my life has turned around immensely.

I started using a simple technique I was shown that involves awareness and some creativity.  Each time I had a negative thought, I would pretend I was picking up a stick and noticing both ends.  One end had the negative thought I was experiencing attached to it.  With awareness I’d look at the end of the stick with the negative thought, and then I would flip the stick around.  Next, I’d think of an opposite, or positive thought, to replace the negative thought with.  I say this new thought to myself while placing it on the other end of the stick. In a few minutes I notice how my whole energy shifts and step out of that negative space immediately.  At first I felt like I was picking up that stick every five minutes, then every half hour or hour, and then once or twice a day. The negative thoughts still come, but I am able to release them quicker and this has created much more peace into my life.

Another important part of being emotionally healthy is having self-love, and it is crucial to our wellbeing. It leads to acceptance and appreciation, and takes away self-judgment. Many people have a hard time feeling self-love, but it is so important to develop this within your self.  You see, when you love your own self unconditionally, then you are able to love others in this same way, and that is what good relationships are made of.

I learned a great tool from Louise Hay called “Mirror Work.” What you do is stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes, and say “I love you” over and over again. This sounds simple, but if you’re lacking in self-love, it is a hard exercise to do.  Many times tears are shed as your breaking the dam that’s been holding self-loathing thoughts inside. Give yourself permission to do this every day until you feel a true shift and feel a sense of self-love within.

Another practice I share with clients is saying over and over, “I have value, I am valuable.” Time yourself for one minute, saying these phrases over and over again.  Saying these two phrases out loud, with strength and conviction in your voice, activates your self-worth within. Doing this raises your vibration and your feelings of self-love and self-worth begin to grow, and you step into the world with a new sense of confidence.

Practicing these tools will help raise your self-esteem, help you accept and love yourself unconditionally, and as you do you will create more happiness in your life.  This in turn spreads this same energy to others around you. When your thoughts are positive, you become happier, your cells are healthier, and your mind and body feel better.  This creates a desire to treat yourself and others better.  It motivates you to take care of yourself by exercising and eating healthier, and in doing so your living life from a healthier and happier place.

Jeanne Provost lives in Portland, OR where she has her Life Coaching practice. She is a NW Artist and Stock Photographer. Jeanne is writing her first book called Tuning In: One woman’s journey of listening to her intuition. You can find Jeanne at www.livingwelllifecoaching.com