Conquering Fears!

You know that feeling you get when things aren’t turning out how you wanted them too? You feel overwhelmed, like a failure, or not good enough, your body shuts down from stress overload, and you get exhausted or sick? Well, guess what, that happens to everyone at different times in life.

The trick is learning how to accept that things don’t always go as planned and to embrace the situation as a “good thing” so that your life follows in a good way.

When you look at obstacles as “guiding posts” instead of the end of the world, you see things differently. Most the time when hard things happen, it’s to help us slow down and re-evaluate our situation. When we do this, taking time to learn the lesson being provided, the situation calms down, and you are back on your feet…and moving in the real direction you’re meant to be going. The path that brings you and others around you the most joy.

So next time fears and doubts start creeping in…try to give “space” to the situation and really look at what needs to happen to move forward in your highest good. If you can look at your challenges as part of your path to positive movement forward – then they will become tools that can positively transform your life.

Have a beautiful week!

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Jeanne Provost

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