Forgiveness: Is it for you or the one you are forgiving?

I heard some beautiful words from one of Oprah & Deepak’s 21-day meditations this past year that have stuck with me “Forgiveness is for me, forgiveness sets me free.”

We all experience hurts in our lives, either we have hurt someone or someone has hurt us. If we do not take action to “mend” the hurt we end up feeling “stuck” in the pain it’s caused. We hold ourselves back from experiencing life to its fullest when ignore our hurts. By allowing our pride or ego to control us we hold onto unhealthy energy, and it hurts both our mind and our body. The high acid from stress your body receives when you “hold” on to grudges, hurts or anger is a perfect incubation for disease in our bodies.

How do we forgive more easily? How do we allow others to forgive us when we have hurt them?

The first step is being aware and acknowledging you hurt someone by your actions, or you’re hurt from someone else’s actions. Hurts mostly come from a misunderstanding or lack of proper communication. Then “pride” or “ego” steps in and gets in the way. When you hold onto feelings of anger or bitterness, the pain underneath grows. The stress makes you feel sick and holds you back in life. The only way to begin healing is to take the first step in acknowledging your pain. In most cases, both parties are injured just in different ways. When you accept what has happened, the painful “stuck” energy begins to lighten. Forgiveness transforms heavy energy; just think of what you could do with all this “new” transformed energy!

Our souls crave joy and love. Holding on to grudges only creates stress and anxiety and strips your body and mind of what it really wants. Having the “desire” to forgive or be forgiven is all you need to start. The word “desiring” is a verb, which is an action, and with a “desire” the action to repair starts to take place. If you have a desire to improve the situation, and you go within yourself and do the inner work to let go of the hurt, your energy shifts, and healing begins to take place. When you make the decision to forgive or to allow forgiveness you let go of resentment. Immediately your energy is lifted, and you feel better. Don’t worry about the other person; you are only in charge of your life, of your thoughts and actions. Your forgiveness is what sets you free.

Next time you feel “stuck” in hurt or resentment; try expressing it by writing a very honest letter or having a heart to heart talk with that person instead. Most times writing the letter leads to a conversation. Try opening your heart by looking into the future, and seeing your relationships healed. Life is too short! Begin to set yourself up to create new incredible memories. Forgiveness releases any past negative energy, and you become a healthier, happier person! The best part of forgiveness is it creates a chain reaction, and you can be pleased you are helping create a happier, healthier world!

Jeanne Provost
Living Well Life Coaching

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Recently, I was introduced to a beautiful concept during one of Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditations, and the words have really stuck with me: “Forgiveness is for me,” it said.  “Forgiveness sets me free.” We all experience emotional pain in our lives, both the pain of hurting another and the pain that gets triggers…

By Jeanne Provost on Aug. 27th, 2018

Living Well Life Coaching