“Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions. It’s how we react to our thoughts that creates a beautiful life.”

It took me years to discover that every situation I was facing in life came with a decision. I could choose to go through life the easy way or the hard way; with a positive attitude, or put up a fight. I realized with each choice I made there was a consequence, either positive or negative.

What’s funny is that when my children were young I would explain this to them all the time. Instead of telling my girls “no” about something, I would tell them they could choose what to do; but I would also explain the importance of making their choice. With each decision they made, there was either a good result or something that would be harder. Ninety-nine percent of the time, they made the choice that sounded as if it had a better result.

What I was not doing was following my own good guidance, and I was creating havoc in my own life. When I started becoming aware of this within myself, I was able to make a conscious shift in my own actions.  When I thought about what my consequences would be if I did or said something my whole life shifted.  Slowly my life became so much lighter and happier, even when difficulties were occurring.

When an upsetting situation occurred, the old me would be filled with anxiety and my mind would fill with awful thoughts. I would raise my voice and it caused everyone around me to have anxiety too.  Now when something happens that I start feeling anxiety about, I practice a little technique that takes only a second to do. I put my forefinger and thumb together and say to myself, “reject,” and quickly replace my negative thoughts with positive thoughts.  Next I visualize the situation with a positive outlook.

With this practice I have truly felt a shift in my life. There is a new peacefulness, and a new sense of happiness that was missing before.  Sometimes I feel I’m experiencing a little “heaven” on earth as I move through difficulties much faster and easier. Life always hand’s you challenges and it’s how you handle the challenges and what you learn from the experience that counts.  What you learn and grow from a situation is what helps you create a joyful and happy life.

This change did not happen overnight. It has taken a lot of awareness on my behalf, and this past year is really when I realized I truly was showing up and practicing this in my life. About p months ago I was taking a webinar class with an amazing author who handpicked 15 people to bring through the journey of writing a book proposal. I had just received the “pile” of homework for the following week, and as I signed off the webinar, my body filled with anxiety.

Unhealthy thoughts raced through my head: “I’ll never be able to do this”  “This is too much” “I’ll never write my book!”  “It’s too much work!” Boom, boom, boom the self-doubting thoughts came at me fast. My breath became shorter, and my eyes filled with tears, I felt as if I were having a panic attack.

Then I remembered my “REJECT” technique I use with my clients, and
I quickly pressed my forefinger to my thumb and saying, “REJECT.”  I immediately replaced my negative thoughts with positive ones. I told myself, “I am a published author!” I can get all this work done this week!” “I will delegate some of the work to a website designer.” “What I’m writing is important to share with the world!” Instantly my mood shifted and my breathing went back to normal. I wrote a quick email to the web designer I wanted to design my site, and made a list of what I had to get done. In a few minutes, I was back in the world with a smile on my face.

This “REJECT” technique is just one simple technique you can use to begin transforming your life. By practicing this technique you are making a conscious decision to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts.  By doing so YOU begin to create a happier, healthier life for yourself.  At first it’s not that easy; you may be saying “REJECT” over a hundred times a day, but that number will lower by the day until one day you realize you aren’t doing this very often and suddenly your life feels better.  As you become aware of your negative thoughts and you take deliberate action to change them, you become empowered and in more control of your life.  It’s all about paying attention to your thoughts, your words and the decisions you’re making.  Your thoughts and words become your actions, and your life imitates what you are thinking.  As humans we have the ability to “choose” a happier and more joyful life.  I invite you to choose HAPPINESS AND JOY in your life.

Jeanne Provost


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