Do you know how important your thoughts really are? Do you know that when you feed yourself negative thoughts or “chemically based” thoughts, you could be causing damage to your body? I recently read a study that claimed this and it made me think, can this possibly be true? Is this part of what causes sickness in our bodies? I asked myself if part of my healing could be in reprogramming my beliefs surrounding myself, and once I started consciously turning my negative thoughts into positive thoughts, my life has turned around immensely.

I started using a simple technique I was shown that involves awareness and some creativity.  Each time I had a negative thought, I would pretend I was picking up a stick and noticing both ends.  One end had the negative thought I was experiencing attached to it.  With awareness I’d look at the end of the stick with the negative thought, and then I would flip the stick around.  Next, I’d think of an opposite, or positive thought, to replace the negative thought with.  I say this new thought to myself while placing it on the other end of the stick. In a few minutes I notice how my whole energy shifts and step out of that negative space immediately.  At first I felt like I was picking up that stick every five minutes, then every half hour or hour, and then once or twice a day. The negative thoughts still come, but I am able to release them quicker and this has created much more peace into my life.

Another important part of being emotionally healthy is having self-love, and it is crucial to our wellbeing. It leads to acceptance and appreciation, and takes away self-judgment. Many people have a hard time feeling self-love, but it is so important to develop this within your self.  You see, when you love your own self unconditionally, then you are able to love others in this same way, and that is what good relationships are made of.

I learned a great tool from Louise Hay called “Mirror Work.” What you do is stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes, and say “I love you” over and over again. This sounds simple, but if you’re lacking in self-love, it is a hard exercise to do.  Many times tears are shed as your breaking the dam that’s been holding self-loathing thoughts inside. Give yourself permission to do this every day until you feel a true shift and feel a sense of self-love within.

Another practice I share with clients is saying over and over, “I have value, I am valuable.” Time yourself for one minute, saying these phrases over and over again.  Saying these two phrases out loud, with strength and conviction in your voice, activates your self-worth within. Doing this raises your vibration and your feelings of self-love and self-worth begin to grow, and you step into the world with a new sense of confidence.

Practicing these tools will help raise your self-esteem, help you accept and love yourself unconditionally, and as you do you will create more happiness in your life.  This in turn spreads this same energy to others around you. When your thoughts are positive, you become happier, your cells are healthier, and your mind and body feel better.  This creates a desire to treat yourself and others better.  It motivates you to take care of yourself by exercising and eating healthier, and in doing so your living life from a healthier and happier place.

Jeanne Provost lives in Portland, OR where she has her Life Coaching practice. She is a NW Artist and Stock Photographer. Jeanne is writing her first book called Tuning In: One woman’s journey of listening to her intuition. You can find Jeanne at www.livingwelllifecoaching.com



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