was born in Salem, Oregon in 1961 and grew up in a family of nine. I attended University
of Oregon and Bassist College, and majored in Architectural Interiors.

After college, I worked in the interior design field.  At 26, I tapped into my“artistic self” and fell in love with painting. I quickly found success in the NW art community. In my 40s, I started selling photography alongside my fine art at gallery showings. At 45, I became a worldwide stock photographer.

Married at 24, I raised two beautiful girls. At 49, my life took an unexpected path that led to divorce. I then went back to school, became a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.  My book Plugging In, Connecting To Your Universal Gifts is transformational for readers.  I love guiding clients in creating positive shifts for a beautiful and successful life.

I currently live in Wilsonville, OR where I share my life with an amazing life partner, and get to spend time with my kids and granddaughter.

Jeanne Provost
Owner Operator of Living Well Life Coaching


Creating The Life You Desire

Aug. 1st, 2019

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Remember when your parents said, “You’re responsible for your own actions!” Well, the same goes for “your own happiness” which is a good thing because you know that your happiness is within your control. When you tell yourself: *I can’t be happy until my kids are happy… *Until I accomplish this… *I’ve lost this much…

By Jeanne Provost on Jan. 16th, 2019

Living Well Life Coaching